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Drop Off / Pick Up

We can work for you at your place or in our shop. Drop offs are welcome. We will also pick up your equipment if that is what you prefer.

Diagnosis and Repair

Full service troubleshootin and repair, on location or in our shop.

Expert Virus and Spyware Removal
We’ll check your computer for viruses and spyware, remove infections if detected, and update your virus protection.


Connect to the Internet and Internet Sharing

Fix or install hardware and software necessary to connect to the internet.  (AOL, Optimum Online, Verizon Fios etc.)  Configure hardware and software to share internet between two or more computers.


Home Networking and Wireless 

Connect 2 or more computers together to share printers, files, and internet with or without wires.


General Tune-Up 

Improve Performance - We will do everything possible using the tools and tricks of the trade to get your PC running as good as new!


Full Set-Up 

Have you recently bought a brand new computer and need help setting it up?  We offer full set-up assistance.



Optional Set-Ups

Scanners, Printers, Digital Cameras and Audio / Video systems or any other optional computer equipment.

Call for a free estimate today 631-921-0007